Altar Builders Ministries - Psalm 145 - 150
Thank you for your interest in Altar Builders Ministries
Here at Altar Builders Ministries, we are committed to serving God and the needs of you and your family. Using universal principles of spirituality, we offer practical tools for leading a joyous, abundant and peaceful life.
Wherever you may be on your spiritual path, at Altar Builders Ministries you will find a supportive community with a wealth of opportunities for personal growth.
We aspire to strengthen each person's confidence and joy in Jesus Christ - at every point in their life, and encourage personal and spiritual growth through prayer, Bible study and active service in our church and community.
We invite you to become a member of our network to worship and prayer with banners,allowing God into your life through our various programs and community outreach efforts.
We have been call to train other in Prayer and Worship Intercession Dance and Prayer...useing banners,big and small.
We are traveling to serve difference churches,with special dance and prophetic dance and ministering in sign,wonder,miracle by God Power through us.
Our Desire to Build Kingdom of God for next generation who have heart to worship the King...and become a worshipper.
 We train by group setting and one on one,and help you how to build Dance Team in your church.
If you want us to have workshop at your church to train in Worship Intercession with Banners and Dance.
Please contact:
or call 973-4441171
Patricia have a mission to Release the call of God in her life as she walk with Revelation ...her favorite word and make Declaration in her life....
Come Up Here, Come Up here, Come up from the Heart of God to worship at His Throne and His Feet.
 New option for you to work with your time we open up for One on One classes as Mentor...for your worship in Dance to more Confident and walking with Anointing.

 One on One..classes by your appointment @ 973-4441171 ask for Minister Patricia Smargiassi
 We also have been teach and train how to use Shofar in service setting we can help you to move in Prophetic Act in Banners and Shofar.

We are willing to travelling to your church or conference setting to Ministering and Workshop.

If you like us to Ministering in Speacial Setting like Wedding, Conference, Prophetic movement....please feel free to contact us through FB and e-mail @


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